Hajj 2018 balloting Date Announced حج قرعہ اندازی 2018 کب ہو گی

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We will upload Hajj Qurandazi 2018 Results as soon as proceed by govt. 

Govt Trick to Collect Funds Hajj 2018,
See below how Government of Pakistan Collected funds from Pakistani peoples for
Total hajj applications received: 3,75,000.
Per application: Rs; 2,75,000/=
Total funds generated:
3,75,000x2,75,000=Rs; 103,125,000,000/-
(Rs; 103b)

Hajj balloting has been postponed due to unclear quota  policy. Banks will keep this money to earn interest for as long as issue is not settled.
Kibor Rate. 5.75%
Per year. 5,929,687,500/-
Per day . 16,471,354/-
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